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Wedding Insurance Cover Levels

WeddingPlan lets you choose from 9 different levels of wedding insurance. That way, if something goes wrong, you can cover your costs plus what you’d need to spend if you had to rearrange your wedding.

We offer a level of wedding insurance to suit virtually every kind of wedding or civil partnership. Cover is wide-ranging, with low policy excesses and several optional extras. You can even upgrade to a higher level if your plans change (like having to invite even more relatives!).

Buy Wedding Insurance

* Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Diamond+ Platinum Platinum+ Premier Premier+
Cancellation £2.5k £7k £10k £12.5k £17k £22k £27k £32k £65k
Failure of suppliers £1k £3.5k £6k £7k £8.5k £11k £14k £16k £35k
Wedding gifts £750 £2k £3k £3k £3k £6k £6k £10k £10k
Wedding transport £750 £2.5k £4k £5k £6k £8k £10k £12k £22k
Photographs and video £750 £2.5k £4k £5k £6k £8k £10k £12k £22k
Rearrangement £2k £5k £7k £9k £12.5k £16k £20k £25k £50k
Wedding rings £1k £1.5k £2.5k £3k £4k £5k £7k £8k £10k
Wedding cake and flowers £1k £1.5k £2.5k £3k £4k £5k £7k £8k £10k
Wedding attire £1k £2.5k £4k £5k £6k £7k £8k £10k £10k
Document indemnity £125 £250 £250 £250 £500 £500 £1k £1k £2k
Legal expenses £5k £5k £5k £5k £10k £10k £20k £20k £20k
Public liability Optional Optional £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m
Personal liability £1m £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m
Personal accident £5k £10k £20k £20k £40k £40k £40k £40k £40k
Excess £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £50 £50 £50
Premium (inc IPT) £19.44 £26.29 £36.79 £47.32 £57.84 £73.62 £89.40 £105.17 £210.35
Optional cover
Marquee cover From £36.81
Ceremonial swords cover £41.20

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