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71% of couples worry about cancellation

Why do you need wedding insurance?

If anything beyond your control goes wrong with your wedding plans, you’ll want to recover any money you’ve already paid out – and you may also need to pay for replacement products and services. Here are some example scenarios:

  • In advance – your venue or wedding photographer might go out of business, taking your deposit with them and forcing you to pay for an alternative wedding venue or photographer.
  • On the day – your florist could fail to turn up. Someone might drop your wedding cake, pour red wine on your wedding dress, or your wedding gifts might be stolen.
  • Cancellation or rearrangement – your wedding might be cancelled or postponed due to extreme weather, the wedding or reception venue closing down the week before, or the illness or injury of someone in your main wedding party.

What do couples worry about?

From our experience and our annual customer survey, we know that:

  • 71% of our policyholders worry about having to cancel their wedding for reasons beyond their control
  • 27% are concerned about problems with double-booking or cancellation of the wedding venue
  • 25% worry that suppliers might let them down
  • 10% worry about potential illness of the marrying couple or other key people in the wedding party
  • 7% think disruptive weather might directly affect travel at home or abroad.

What does wedding insurance let you claim for?

As long as the losses you incur are covered by your wedding insurance policy, you can claim for things like these, and more:

  • Costs which you paid out but didn’t get the benefit of – for example, if you paid a deposit to a DJ who then went out of business before your wedding, or even for the cost of your entire wedding which, for reasons beyond your control, had to be cancelled.
  • Having to rearrange elements of your wedding – such as a change of venue, for example if your original venue goes bankrupt or is damaged by floods, or even for rearranging the entire wedding.
  • Items lost, damaged or stolen – such as the wedding rings, wedding attire, wedding cake and wedding presents.
  • Damage to the wedding venue – for example, a ripped carpet, burn marks or broken furniture.

Always check the policy wording before you buy wedding insurance, to be sure of what you’re covered for – and what you aren’t.

How do couples choose their wedding insurance?

Our survey found that:

  • Our customers’ weddings cost from £1,000 to £60,000
  • 96% bought their wedding insurance online
  • 80% used a comparison website first
  • 64% think the level of wedding cover matters most
  • 28% see price as most important
  • 88% think you get what you pay for with wedding insurance
  • 99% of our policyholders would recommend our wedding insurance to a friend.

Your level of wedding cover matters

There’s no other wedding like yours: you know what you’re planning, and what it all costs. That’s why you need to be able to choose a package of wedding insurance which provides just the right amount of cover. Not enough wedding cover, and you won’t be able to recoup what you’ve paid out, or rearrange your wedding to the same standard. Too much cover, and you’re simply wasting your money. WeddingPlan offers 9 levels of cover link to page to help you choose just the right level of wedding insurance.