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Your buyer’s guide to wedding insurance

Your wedding or civil partnership is the very time you don’t want anything to go wrong. So imagine discovering you had to pay out a lot more money, manage without something important – or even cancel your whole wedding.

We’re here to help. Our 20 years’ experience of providing wedding insurance to thousands of happy couples have made us quite the experts – and in that time, we’ve seen it all. Here’s our guide to what to consider.

Why do you need to buy wedding insurance?

The average wedding now costs £24,000*, and our survey found that costs range from £1,000-£60,000. Everyone insures the other big purchases in life, like our houses and cars, because we can’t afford to lose our investment or be without them. Wedding insurance is the same: it covers you for losing money and having to do without the amazing wedding day you planned.

We know that people’s biggest worries are:

  • cancellation or rearrangement of the wedding (71%)
  • the failure of suppliers (12%)
  • the wedding party’s attire (9%).

How much should you spend on wedding insurance?

Every wedding or civil partnership is unique, and costs vary hugely. So you’ll need to choose the level of cover that’s right for you: there’s no point paying for more than you could claim for, or not having enough cover to meet any claims. Plan and monitor your wedding and reception costs carefully, then choose the level of wedding insurance which will cover all of your key expenses.

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How can you pay less for wedding insurance?

Lots of couples look for cheap wedding insurance, thinking they’ll get the same cover from any insurer – which isn’t necessarily the case. Also, bear in mind you might want to increase your cover as your plans develop, so choose wedding insurance which can be upgraded.

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When should you buy wedding insurance?

We know that 47% of couples start planning their wedding one to two years in advance. Often, they start with a substantial deposit to a wedding or reception venue. However, if that venue goes out of business shortly afterwards, you’ll have lost your money unless you’re insured. So as soon as your plans take shape, protect yourselves with a good wedding insurance policy. And remember: if you get carried away planning your perfect day and your budget increases, you can upgrade your cover at any time.

What could go wrong with your wedding?

Unfortunately, the list is almost endless, including:

  • suppliers being double-booked, going out of business, failing to deliver, or not turning up
  • extreme weather (such as a flood)
  • a key member of the wedding party being sick or injured
  • your wedding clothes, rings, cake or gifts getting damaged, lost or stolen
  • you being liable for damage caused to the wedding or reception venue

What sort of wedding costs will need covering?

If your wedding and reception had to be cancelled or rearranged, your main areas of expense might include deposits and/or final payments for:

  • The venues for the ceremony and reception (63% of couples told us this was their biggest expense)
  • The caterer (27% of couples said this was their biggest cost)
  • The wedding dress and attire for the groom, bridesmaids and ushers
  • Wedding cars
  • A DJ, band or other entertainment
  • The photographer and/or videographer
  • A marquee
  • Flowers.

What doesn’t wedding insurance cover?

Most wedding insurance policies will have a range of exclusions, so check the policy wording carefully first. A good policy will let you add in specialist items like marquees and ceremonial swords, rather than refusing to cover them; however, you almost certainly won’t be covered for things like:

  • Either partner changing their mind, leading to cancellation
  • Situations you knew about when you bought your wedding insurance
  • Deciding you can’t afford to go ahead
  • Bouncy castles and other inflatables
  • Firearms or fireworks
  • Failing to get the proper vaccinations
  • Your honeymoon
  • Acts of war (to bear in mind if you’re getting married abroad).

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We’re proud to provide a range of cover to suit virtually every type of wedding or civil partnership, and you can check our terms & conditions quickly and easily in advance.

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*Brides Magazine 2015 http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/howmoneyworks/article-3112152/How-does-wedding-really-cost-pay.html