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How to allocate your wedding day budget

Establishing and sticking to a budget is often the hardest part of wedding planning but can help you to not overspend. No matter who is paying, it can be a difficult discussion for any couple. Deciding what to spend your money on and what is important is the first hurdle.

Every couple will have different priorities, the issue is understanding how to split your budget to make sure you have covered everything. Firstly, decide who will be paying for the wedding. Ask all parties involved how much they would like to contribute and how much you would like to spend as a couple.

Next, you want to research how much you want to spend on each aspect of your wedding, this will depend on each individual couple and what they prioritise. We have broken down how you may want to spend your budget, based on the average percentage that couples allocate for individual costs.  

WeddingPlan Budgeting

These percentages are subject to change, of course, and largely depend on what's important to the couple. Although you may feel like you have all costs covered, there are often hidden costs you may not have considered. Such as hotel rooms, gifts, vendor meals, beauty treatments, sound system and microphone charges or even postage. Therefore, having a miscellaneous budget is always helpful for those unexpected costs.

Whatever your budget may be, WeddingPlan offers 9 levels of wedding insurance cover. Our policies start from £19.44*, (including IPT) and they offer a range of cover to suit a variety of weddings or civil partnerships. 

*WeddingPlan Insurance is subject to limits and exclusions.