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Wedding Insurance Myth Buster

With so many options to choose around wedding insurance, it is more important than ever to get a good deal as well as the right policy. But how much do you really know about wedding insurance? WeddingPlan cover the top myths around wedding insurance and put the lies to bed once and for all.

‘Wedding insurance is expensive’

Cheap wedding insurance isn’t the same thing as good value wedding insurance: the cheapest might not be the best option, so read the policy documents before buying. WeddingPlan compared prices from some of the leading wedding insurance providers, based on £17,000 upwards-worth of cancellation cover*.

Make sure the cover limits on the wedding insurance policy will be enough to cover the costs of your wedding. If your plans and costs do change, with WeddingPlan you can upgrade or decrease your policy to cover the new cost of your wedding. It might cost less than you think to insure your wedding and reception against unexpected eventualities.

‘All wedding insurance is the same’

Not all wedding insurance is the same. Every insurer and provider will differ in their policy wording, costs and level of cover. The key way to work out who you want to buy insurance from is to research the market. Use sites such as Money Super Market or review sites such as Feefo to research which provider is best for you.

‘Wedding insurance covers cold feet’

You are not protected if either the groom or bride gets cold feet before the big day. But WeddingPlan does cover the marrying couple, or a key member of your wedding party, if they fall ill or get injured, and are unable to attend the wedding. WeddingPlan also cover the failure of suppliers. For example, if your florist didn’t deliver your flowers as a direct result of an unavoidable cancellation, then WeddingPlan would help cover this loss.

‘Wedding insurance covers your honeymoon’

Although some insurers may cover your honeymoon as well as your wedding, more often providers do not. You will need to take out separate travel insurance to be fully covered on your honeymoon. When you take out insurance you should read the policy wording to see exactly what you’re not covered for. If you find the cover isn’t right for you WeddingPlan offer a 14-day cooling off period.

‘You don’t need wedding insurance because you’re covered by your credit card’

Paying by credit card can give some protection but doesn’t mean you are fully covered. Credit cards do not cover personal liability or someone falling ill. Many couples also believe they could be covered by their home insurance, this insurance will only cover your valuables within the home. WeddingPlan helps cover all the other risks and unexpected issues that may occur when planning a wedding.

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*The above price comparison is based solely on the criterion of cancellation cover for a wedding up to the value of £17,000, or the closest cancellation cover amount. Full cover levels and policy benefits do vary, and the above price information is not intended to be a like-for-like product comparison.