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How to choose the dress of your dreams

Choosing a wedding dress is an exciting moment for many brides, but finding the perfect dress to walk down the aisle can be a job in itself. It takes time and a lot of research for some brides. To help make this task a little less daunting, we have some top tips on where to start and what to do when you find ‘the one’

Before you start wedding dress shopping

Before you start searching for the perfect wedding dress you need to consider a number of factors. Firstly, set a budget - the average wedding dress from a bridal boutique cost around £1385 but nowadays there are much cheaper ways to find a dream dress. Agree on an amount with your other half and stick to it and don't forget to budget for a veil, shoes and accessories.

Secondly, think about your day, and what kind of wedding dress will be appropriate. Are you having a beach wedding? or a formal ballroom reception? What season will your wedding fall on? Different styles of wedding mean different styles of dress. Start by doing some couch research - spend a few days or weeks looking at magazines and wedding blogs before venturing into the shops.

When you start researching the type of dress you think would suit you use different sources of information such as Instagram, the internet and of course Pinterest. Save the styles you like and create a mood board on Pinterest to help collect all your ideas.

Finding the one

Think about your body shape and personal style when shopping for a wedding dress. Consider all your choices, the style and shape of the wedding dress, necklines, length, waistlines, trains, sleeves etc.

When you decide to venture into the shops bring along any items you have already decided to wear such as a veil or piece of jewellery. This will help you visualise the dress as you would wear it on the day. Also, try on your potential wedding dress with the shoes you want to wear for your wedding. If you don’t know which shoes you’ll be wearing, go for a style you think you’re likely to wear.

Lastly think carefully about who you take shopping with you. Don't take too many people as this can become overwhelming and some boutiques have restrictions on how many people you can take into the dressing rooms with you.  

Don’t do it all online, go into boutiques and shops

Although shopping online is a great way to look at what’s out there and compare prices, sometimes it's best to go into the shops and try on dresses. Having the real thing in front of you is totally different from seeing it online. For those brides on a budget, there are outlets and warehouses all over the UK that sell discounted dresses. Don't forget you can't just walk into a wedding boutique you need to make an appointment prior to your visit. Although this can be annoying this is often to make sure you get the best out of your shopping experience.

Give yourself enough time

Often wedding dresses need to be altered, therefore leave enough time between purchasing your dress and your wedding day. It's much easier to have your dress taken in that let out, try not to put too much pressure on losing weight before the big day.

Protect your dress

Whatever dress you decide to buy, make sure you have wedding insurance to protect your dress. The cost of a wedding dress can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. On average, a wedding dress can cost over £1,000. WeddingPlan wedding insurance offers cover for ceremonial attire as standard. Therefore, if anything were to happen to your dress such as loss or damage you would be covered.*

*WeddingPlan Insurance is subject to limits and exclusions.