Making A Claim

Making a claim on your insurance

To help us to help you, please:

  1. Submit your claim or enquiry by using either method below
  2. Have your wedding insurance policy details to hand
  3. Tell us what's happened
  4. Complete any claim forms we send you (by email or post) without delay
  5. Attach any helpful evidence which you've been able to gather.

Contacting us

If your policy number starts with WPP or WPS and purhased before 30th March 2020 please contact us on: 0344 412 4290 or

If your policy starts with WEDP and purchased from 14th December 2022 please contact us on: 0161 495 6114 or

For Liability Claims please contact us on 0800 223 0383 or

Plan ahead in case you need to make a claim

Organising a wedding takes a huge amount of effort – there are so many things to keep track of. That's why it's important to keep careful records of absolutely everything. That way, if you ever need to make a claim, you'll be able to provide proof of what you've spent with whom, or who you've made arrangements with.

Gather evidence of your claim

Your wedding insurance claim can be processed much more quickly if you let us have as much proof of your claim as possible. This could include:

  • Your original agreements with your suppliers when first booked
  • Written confirmation from your suppliers that they've let you down (we may be able to accept a screen-grab from their Facebook page or website, a letter or an email)
  • Photos of any damage, such as red wine spilt on a wedding dress or damage to the wedding or reception venue
  • Photos and news reports of any extreme weather (eg a Caribbean hurricane which forces you to postpone your wedding)
  • Doctor's or hospital reports in the event of illness
  • Any relevant police reports, such as if wedding presents were stolen from the boot of your car.

What we'll do with your claim

We try to keep things quick and simple, which is why we'll talk your claim through with you first. We understand that problems with a wedding are stressful, so we'll do our best to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently. We can often resolve a wedding insurance claim within a week, providing we have all the information we need.

You can see full details of our claims procedure in our WeddingPlan policy document.