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What is wedding insurance... and other frequently asked questions

If you’re not sure exactly what wedding insurance is, how it works or what it covers, then our frequently asked questions offer the ideal place to learn more about our wedding insurance packages.

We’ve tried to answer as many questions as possible in our FAQs below, but if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be delighted to help you. 

This FAQ document does not override the terms and conditions detailed within the policy wording. All claims are assessed in accordance with your policy terms and conditions. These FAQs are intended to be guidance only, and do not form part of your contractual terms with us.

For policies purchased after 15th January 2023

Wedding insurance offers you protection in the event that something goes wrong in the run up to, or during, your big day. It can cover you for unforeseen eventualities such as venue cancellations and supplier issues depending on the level of cover you choose.

As with many types of insurance, it’s entirely up to you if you take out wedding insurance. But if you have any concerns at all about cancellations, your venue, your suppliers or anything else that you feel could go wrong and have an impact on your wedding, then taking out appropriate wedding insurance cover will offer you some peace of mind. Unfortunately, weddings do sometimes have to be cancelled or re-arranged for a wide range of different reasons. Wedding insurance is there to help make sure that you don’t lose money as a result. Even if the day goes ahead, other problems can arise and wedding insurance helps you to rectify them and pay for unexpected additional costs. 

WeddingPlan Insurance is a one-off payment rather than a monthly commitment for a period of time. The price you’re quoted for your wedding insurance is the full amount you pay.

We suggest that you take it out as soon as you've paid for any part of the event and you have a venue and date arranged, so that your deposits are covered.

We’re able to issue a wedding insurance policy for weddings taking place at least 30 days after the date of purchasing the policy up to two years from the purchase date, as long as you know of no reason that may cause you to incur a claim before you purchase the policy.

Your wedding insurance cover starts the moment payment is received.

No, this policy will not provide cover for any loss, damage, claim, cost(s) expense or other sums, directly or indirectly caused by, arising or resulting from, or in connection with any pandemic, epidemic, outbreak of disease or public health emergency, as declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO), a national government agency/ body, local authorities, or any officially recognised body. This policy also offers no cover for any disease, illness or conditions that is caused by or transmitted by means of any substance or agent from any organism to another organism (human or otherwise) where the substance or agent includes, but is not limited to any pathogen, virus, bacterium, parasite, fungus or other organism, micro-organism or any mutation or variation thereof, whether deemed living or not, and whether transmitted directly or indirectly by means of airborne transmission, bodily fluid transmission, transmission from or to any surface or object, solid, liquid or gas or between organisms.

Yes – if you feel your original cover level isn’t enough, you can do this by either logging into your customer service portal or by contacting our customer service team. There will be a £10 administration fee plus the cost of the additional cover.

Yes – if you feel you do not require the original level of cover you can do this by either logging into your customer service portal or by contacting our customer service team. You will receive a pro-rata refund less a £10 administration fee

Yes you are, as long as the incident that has caused you to lose these deposits hasn’t already occurred, you’ll be covered for any costs incurred prior to purchasing the insurance.

Yes, our wedding insurance includes cover for up to 2 ceremonies and 2 receptions, providing the date of your last reception is within 21 days of the 1st ceremony date or 56 if you have paid the appropriate additional premium and it is stated on your policy schedule.

Yes, we will pay up to the amount stated in the Summary of Cover on page 3 of the policy wording for and irrecoverable deposits and additional costs in arranging alternative wedding services if they enter into administration, insolvency, liquidation or are declared bankrupt.

No, our wedding insurance is specific to your wedding ceremony and receptions. You would need to take out Travel Insurance to cover your honeymoon.

Yes, hired portable toilet facilities are covered if you purchase marquee cover.

Yes, the policy will cover a wedding package organised by the venue, providing that all the elements of the package are clearly itemised, so do ask for an itemised breakdown of services and costs from your venue.

We don’t provide cover for wedding planners who have financial responsibility for the wedding budget, i.e. you provide the planner with a lump sum to arrange and pay for the individual services on your behalf. We would cover a wedding planner if you have a contract with them for planning the service only and have contracts directly with your individual suppliers separately.

Yes it does but only if the fire pit is part of the package/set up and supervised by the venue host or marquee company.

Yes, our wedding marquee cover also includes loss or damage cover for tipis/tepees/teepees, wigwams or PapaKata tents. However, it will not be covered under cancellation unless owned and supplied by the venue. (* Marquee Cover is subject to an additional premium)

Only pregnancy related complications e.g. hyperemesis gravidarum or pre-eclampsia would be covered by your wedding insurance, providing they’re not pre-existing conditions diagnosed before purchasing the policy and are certified by a GP.

If labour begins at or after 37 weeks rather than 40 and there are no complications, then cover is not provided. If labour is early due to a complication that has been diagnosed after the purchase of the policy e.g. pre-eclampsia, then we would look to provide cover.

Yes - we view this as just the same as a wedding.

Yes as long as it is carried out by an officiating minister

Yes, as long as one of the marrying couple’s main residence is in the UK, they have been living permanently in the UK for at least six months prior to the purchase of the wedding insurance policy, and they’re registered with a medical practitioner in the UK

Personal liability for the Marrying Couple in the wedding insurance covers the marrying couple if they’re held liable for any injury to a third party person or damage to third party property. It does not cover accidents caused by anyone else - such as guests - and does not cover any liability that may arise purely because of any contract, such as with the wedding venue. Cover is not available if the ceremony and/or reception takes place in the USA or Canada.

Public liability for the Guests in the wedding insurance cover is an inclusive extension of personal liability for the Marrying Couple and covers all persons invited to the wedding or reception, if they’re held liable for accidental injury to a third party person or damage to third party property. Cover is not available if the ceremony and/or reception takes place outside of the UK.

Yes, but we’re not able to offer marquee, ceremonial swords or public liability cover for weddings taking place outside the UK. We’re also unable to offer personal liability cover for weddings taking place within the USA or Canada. Please Note: Due to Global and local issues in various countries across the world, we are unable to offer cover for Weddings and/or Receptions taking place in countries where the Travel Advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has advised the public against all or all but essential travel. Please check https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice for the most recent advice.

Yes, you can amend your policy by logging into My Account or contacting our customer service team, the following administration fees apply:-

£10.00 Administration fee

  • Title, name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Change of venue
  • Change of wedding date (New wedding date must be between 30 days and 24 months from original policy purchase date.

£10.00 Administration fee plus additional premium

  • Increase in cover (i.e. Increase in Cancellation cover, Marquee cover, Public Liability cover, change of date from 24 months up to 36 months from purchase date)

£10.00 Administration fee plus pro-rata refund of premium

  • Downgrade in cover (i.e. Reduction in Cancellation cover, removal/reduction in optional extras cover (Marquee/Public Liability)

You can cancel your policy by contacting our customer service team who will be able to cancel your policy, the following administration fees apply if you: -

  • Cancel within the first 14 days of purchase – You will receive a full refund of premium less £10 administration fee provided no claim has been made and no claim is pending.
  • Cancel after the 14 days cooling off period you will not be entitled to any refund of premium.

You will need to contact our claims team by either of the following:
If your policy number starts with WPP or WPS and purhased before 30th March 2020 please contact us on: 0344 412 4290 or specialistclaims@davies-group.com

If your policy starts with WEDP and purchased from 14th December 2022 please contact us on: 0161 495 6114 or Wedding.claims@davies-group.com

For Liability Claims please contact us on 0800 223 0383 or claims@acastaeurope.co.uk

Contact us with any further questions about wedding insurance

We hope we've offered comprehensive information in our FAQs in regards to what wedding insurance is and what it covers – but please drop us a line if you require any further information.

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We've tried to answer as many questions as possible in our FAQs below, but if you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be delighted to help you.