Wedding venue insurance

Offering protection across a wide range of venues, our wedding venue insurance protects you against your venue being unable to uphold your wedding reception.

We understand that the more popular wedding venues get snapped up in advance of the big day so you want to secure yours as soon as you can. Once you’ve put your name and deposit down for your venue, we’ll help you protect it. With over 20 years’ experience in insuring weddings and venues, we’re here to make sure your venue is covered should an unfortunate eventuality happen which results in cancellation.

Why do you need wedding venue insurance?

Once you’ve booked a venue you’ll need to secure a place for your reception. Often a deposit will be required upon booking so it’s important to cover your costs from the beginning. By exploring our various levels of cover, we’ll help you find a policy that will cover your costs if you had to rearrange your wedding.

Which venues are included?

WeddingPlan are here to help protect your big day whatever venue you chose to hold your wedding reception including:

  • Stately homes
  • Hotels
  • Castles
  • Private Homes
  • Gardens
  • Marquee cover is also available from £36.16

What’s covered with WeddingPlan insurance?

63% of couples told us that their chosen venue was the biggest expense of their wedding† and are likely to go the extra mile to secure it. That’s why WeddingPlan provide includes protection against cancellation of your venue as part of our wedding insurance product.

Specifically thinking about your venue, our insurance can:

  • Protect you from significant costs associated with your venue being unable to hold your wedding if for example damage has occurred from adverse weather conditions or caterers cancelling on the day – these are awful to think about but they do happen from time to time!
  • Often couples choose to hold their wedding at a hotel that will provide packages inclusive of catering, flowers and of course accommodation etc. These packages provide a cost effective option however, make sure you are not caught out. Check the terms and conditions carefully and purchase insurance to fully protect your day if you’re not covered.
  • With a large amount of people gathered in one area, accidents can sometimes happen. It’s therefore wise to protect yourself with public liability cover.

If you are struggling to secure your ideal venue, we advise that you also have a look at local society buildings and halls. Don’t forget these can offer memorable and sometimes more interesting surroundings than a hotel or stately home and often, are easy for family and friends to get to.

Review WeddingPlan’s insurance policy documents

We’re proud to provide a range of cover to suit virtually every type of wedding or civil partnership in a vast range of chosen venues. To check our terms & conditions quickly and easily in advance, read our wedding insurance policy documents.