What could go wrong with your wedding?

You’re researching everything, planning carefully, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’. Most weddings go without a hitch (and we sincerely hope yours does, too), but circumstances beyond your control could still lead to disaster for your wedding or reception. Thankfully, you can insure your wedding against these eventualities.

Cancelling or postponing your wedding

  • Extreme weather, such as floods or storms, can result in cancelled trains/flights, closed roads and damaged venues.
  • Either one of the marrying couple, or a key member of your wedding party (such as a parent), could fall ill or be injured, and be unable to attend.
  • If a key member of your wedding party is in the services, they may have their leave cancelled or be redeployed.

Suppliers letting you down

You’ll almost certainly have engaged the services of a range of suppliers – anyone from wedding photographers & videographers to DJs, bands, florists, graphic designers, wedding invitation printers, dressmakers, wedding cars, make-up artists and hairdressers. If they let you down, you may not be able to recover the deposits you paid, and you may incur extra costs in booking new suppliers:

  • Your wedding supplier might be ill or injured
  • They might go out of business
  • They might fail to turn up on the day
  • What they’re supplying may get lost, damaged or stolen in transit.

Being unable to use your wedding or reception venue

Things can go wrong with your wedding venue or reception venue. You may then be unable to get your deposit back, and you may incur extra costs in having to change venue (for example, printing new invitations). Possible reasons for a failure of your wedding venue include:

  • Your wedding venue may have experienced a flood, fire or storm damage
  • Your venue may go bankrupt
  • Building or refurbishment work may not have been completed on time
  • Your wedding venue may be closed down for environmental health reasons
  • Your venue may lose its licence to sell alcohol.

Loss, damage, theft and injury

Again, you may be unable to unable to recover any deposits you paid, or you may be found at fault and have to pay for the damage or restitution, and pay for replacements:

  • Your wedding attire might be damaged, stolen or lost
  • Your photographer’s camera – containing your photos – might be stolen
  • Your best man (is he really!) could lose your wedding rings
  • Your airline might lose your luggage containing your attire, rings and gifts
  • Your wedding gifts might be stolen from your car or the venue
  • Your wedding venue may hold you responsible for damage to furniture, carpets etc
  • A wedding guest or a member of the venue staff might be injured in a fall or altercation.

Wedding insurance can save the day

It might cost less than you think to insure your wedding and reception against eventualities like these. WeddingPlan offers a range of packages of wedding insurance starting at just £19.10, with optional extras and low policy excesses (most at just £25).