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Help and FAQs

General questions

We are able to issue a wedding insurance policy anytime up to the day before the wedding as long as you know of no reason that may cause you to incur a claim before you purchase the policy.

Questions about our cover

Cover starts the moment payment is received.

Yes. Please use our My account facility to upgrade.

Yes. As long as the incident that has caused you to lose these deposits hasn’t already occurred, you will be covered for any costs incurred prior to purchasing the insurance. We cover deposits going backward for an unlimited time period, so even if you paid the deposit for your wedding venue or reception three years ago you would be covered!

Yes. You are covered for up to 2 ceremonies and 2 receptions, providing the date of your reception is within 56 days of the date of your ceremony.

No. If you would like to purchase honeymoon travel insurance please visit our sister site Benefits Alliance.

Yes. Portable toilet facilities hired to use alongside a marquee are covered.

Yes. the policy will cover a wedding package organised by the venue providing all the elements of the package are clearly itemised.

We don’t provide cover for wedding planners who have financial responsibility for the wedding budget, i.e. you provide the planner with a lump sum to arrange and pay for the individual services on your behalf. We would cover a wedding planner if you contract with them for the planning service only and contract directly with your individual suppliers separately.

Yes. Providing the fire pit is part of the package and set up and supervised by the marquee company.

Yes. A tipi (also tepee or teepee), wigwam or PapaKata tent would be covered for loss or damage under marquee cover. It will not be covered under cancellation unless owned and supplied by the venue.

We would not exclude a customer from taking out insurance with us if they suffer from anxiety, stress or depression, but cover would not be provided for any claim resulting from these conditions unless admitted as an in-patient.

Only pregnancy related complications e.g. Hyperemesis Gravidarum or Pre-eclampsia would be covered, providing they are not pre-existing conditions diagnosed before purchasing the policy.

If the labour is at 37 weeks rather than 40 and no complications, then cover is not provided. If the labour is early due to a complication that has been diagnosed after the purchase of the policy, e.g. Pre-eclampsia, then we would look to provide cover.

Yes. Either of the marrying couples’ main residence must be in the UK. They must have been living permanently in the UK for at least six months prior to the purchase of this policy and they must be registered with a medical practitioner in the UK.

This covers the marrying couple if they are held liable for any injury to a third party person or damage to third party property. It does not cover accidents caused by anyone else such as guests and does not cover any liability that may arise purely because of any contract, such as with the wedding venue. Cover is not available if ceremony and/or reception takes place in the USA or Canada.

Public liability cover is an extension of personal liability and covers all persons invited to the wedding or reception, if they are held liable for accidental injury to a third party person or damage to third party property. Cover is not available if ceremony and/or reception takes place outside the UK.

Questions about overseas cover

Yes. However we are unable offer marquee, ceremonial swords or public liability cover for weddings taking place outside the UK. We are also unable to offer personal liability cover for weddings taking place within the USA or Canada.